In March of 1911, the NAACP held its 2nd Annual Conference at Park Street Church in Boston which resulted in the creation of a Boston Branch chapter of the NAACP. On February 8, 1912, 56 Black and White Bostonians gathered at Park Street Church to receive the official branch charter inscribed with the following statement of purpose: “To uplift the colored men and women of this country by securing to them the full enjoyment of their rights as citizens, justice in all courts, and equality of opportunity everywhere.” Today, Boston is recognized as the first “chartered” branch of the NAACP.

Today, the Boston Branch has a membership of approximately 1,000 people and holds regular monthly meetings at Roxbury Community College . Every month, the general public is invited to attend, participate in discussions, vote on key policy decisions, and voice concerns about local issues. The Boston Branch encourages individuals to join one of the many active committees that are designated to execute directives from the national office and meet the needs of the residents of the City of Boston . The Boston Branch is designated as a 501(c)(4) membership organization.

Since January 2010, over 100 new members joined the organization and we are now averaging approximately 25 new members per month. This surge in membership is a sign of the tremendous excitement that is building around the Boston NAACP. This increased membership, along with active participation, will translate into stronger committees and an increased capacity to address a wide range of issues.

Our goal is to recruit 50 new volunteers to join our various committees by July 2010. If you have an expertise and/or interest in any of the following areas, please click on a committee below to email the respective committee chair.

The Boston Branch is also seeking to rebuild its Youth Councils, ACT-SO program and support its College Chapters. For more information, click here.